Clear Coat Separation Before,

Clear Coat Separation After

The  pictures show where the clear coat has separated from the paint. The after picture is after repair.

Bumper Repairs Before & After

This was a 2003 Mazda 3 with bumper damage. This bumper was REPAIRED not replaced.  

Exterior Repair Services

  • ​​Auto Body Collision Repair
  • Paint Free Dent Removal
  • Glass Chips, Breaks & Scratch Repair - We are a Glassweld Certified Technician
  • Headlight Restoration & Reconditioning
  • Paint Touchup and Scratch Repair  
  • not all scratches need paint, ask us about our buffing and polishing repair
  • Detailing - we make your car look new again
  • Bumper Repair - often we can repair your bumper for half the cost of the replacement or we can replace it if needed. - We are a SEM Certified technician
  • Sideview Mirror Damage - we'll repair or replace it
  • Pinstriping and Custom Graphics